NLTG 21/22: Arche

Accessible Tool for Language Assessment in Schools (ATLAS)

About the Topic

This project bridges the fields of Linguistics, Speech and Language Therapy and Education, setting a novel research agenda on the development of language in late childhood and adolescence (6-16 years) and the assessment of language difficulties of this age range. We will chart out the language development of the school years, severely understudied, and establish an integrated approach that can inform the creation of new screening tools to improve diagnosis of language needs across populations. Non-identification and misdiagnosis are at the root of academic underachievement, poor social development and mental health issues. We will bring together the knowledge on language development separately gathered in the three disciplines by producing a series of position and scoping papers on the knowledge needed to establish accurate indicators of language needs, a preliminary inventory with sample items and a manifesto at the Lorentz workshop appealing to interdisciplinary studies.


Workshop:  Language Development, Diagnosis and Assessment in School Ages (6-16): Next steps in research and practice 27 Sept – 1 Oct 2022


  • Arche, María (University of Greenwich) | Linguistics | Theme-group Coordinator
  • van Hout, Angeliek (University of Groningen) | First Language Acquisition | Theme-group Coordinator
  • Perovic, Alexandra (University College London) | Clinical Linguistics
  • Quer, Josep (ICREA-Pompeu Fabra University) | Sign Language Linguistics
  • Schulz, Petra (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main) | Second Language Acquisition