Deadlines for submission of workshop applications are 30 January, 30 May and 30 September.

Workshops at the Lorentz Center
There are currently two types of workshops at the Lorentz Center with a humanities and/or social sciences component:

  1. The NIAS-Lorentz Workshops (NLW) for research that bridges the divide between humanities and/or social sciences and the natural and/or technological sciences.
  2. The SSH Workshops, which only significantly involve disciplines from the humanities and/or social sciences – whether interdisciplinary or monodisciplinary research.

Both aim to produce cutting-edge research through open and informal discussions and stimulating collaboration. Within this framework, workshop organizers are free to decide which format will work best for their needs and their particular project.

Workshops usually last 5 days and are held in either of the two venues at the Lorentz Center, both of which have meeting facilities and offices for all participants. The participants consist of an international group of researchers; typically 40-50 persons for workshops in the Lorentz Center@Oort venue or 20-25 for workshops in the Lorentz Center@Snellius venue. The Lorentz Center provides facilities, organizational support, and partial funding for all workshops.

How to apply
There are three deadlines to submit applications for a Lorentz Center Workshop: 30 January, 30 May and 30 September. The workshop applications should be prepared according to the guidelines shown here and be submitted to Applicants are encouraged to contact Henriette Jensenius in an early stage, for information and support on the application. All applications are evaluated by the NIAS-Lorentz Advisory Board and, when applicable, also by specific Lorentz Center advisory board(s). Applicants will be informed within 12 weeks after the submission deadline. The workshop will be held in the period 8 to 16 months after the submission deadline.

Upcoming and previous NIAS-Lorentz Workshops
(DLF) Workshop held as part of a Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship
(LF) Workshop held as part of a Lorentz Fellowship
(NLTG) Workshop held as part of a NIAS-Lorentz Theme Group

The Invention of Lying: Language, Logic & Cognition
Spaces and Places of Religious Knowledge Transfer in Early modern Cities
Computational Ethnomusicology: Methodologies for a New Field
The Comparative Biology of Language Learning (NLTG)
Privacy by Design Beyond the Screen: (How) Is it Possible? (DLF)
Cross-Scale Resilience in Socio-Ecological Simulations
Perspectives on Developmental Robotics
Comparative Affective Science: The Intersection of Biology and Psychology
Fellow Brethren, Slaves and Companions: Human/Non-Human Animals Relations in Transformation
Applied Mathematics Techniques for Energy Markets in Transition
On Growth and Form 2017
Collecting, Annotating & Analyzing Video Data
Rethinking Impact Factors: New Pathways in Journal Metrics
Uncertainty Guidances in Science and Public Policy
World Histories of Architecture: the Emergence of a New Genre in the Nineteenth Century
Intersectionality and Algorithmic Discrimination: Intersecting Disciplinary Perspectives

2006 – 2016

Upcoming and previous SSH Workshops
Trusting (and) the Law
Creating a Neurobiological Model of Nonsuicidal Self-Infury
Language, Knowledge and People in Perspective
A Disorder of Emotion Regulation: Alexithymia
Multilateral Governance of Technological Risk
The Mental Lexicon
Re-enactment, Replication, Reconstruction
Included in Training and Work: Transforming Policies and Practices for Disabled People
Development and Dissemination of iCBT for Youth

2015 – 2016