NIAS-Lorentz Fellowship Advisory Board (FAB)

Dr. Luc E. Coffeng
Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam
Area of Expertise: Infectious disease control, public health, global health, and mathematical modelling

Dr. Janneke Grutters
Radboud University Medical Center
Area of Expertise: Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

Prof. Boudewijn Lelieveldt
Leiden University Medical Center
Area of Expertise: Biomedical Imaging 

Dr. M. Birna van Riemsdijk
University of Twente
Area of Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Responsible Computing, Intimate Computing, Human-Machine Collaboration

Prof. Leonard Rutgers
University of Utrecht
Area of Expertise: Archaeology, Population Genetics, Radiocarbon Dating, Ancient History, Judaic Studies, Patristics, Late Antiquity

Prof. Sonja Smets
University of Amsterdam
Area of Expertise: Logic, Quantum Theory, Language Philosophy

Prof. Franjo Weissing
University of Groningen
Area of Expertise: Theoretical Biology; Behaviour, Ecology, Evolution; Evolutionary Game Theory; Dynamical Systems; Cultural Evolution; Evolutionary Systems Biology