Lorentz Fellowships

Lorentz Fellowships (in 2012 replaced by NLTG)
From 2006 until 2012, the NIAS-Lorentz Program granted individual Lorentz Fellowships. Lorentz Fellows worked on topics that covered cutting-edge interdisciplinary research that bridged the divide between the humanities and/or social sciences and the natural and/or technological sciences. Lorentz Fellows held a residential fellowship at NIAS for 10 months. Fellows also organized a NIAS-Lorentz Workshop at the Lorentz Center. In 2012 these individual Lorentz Fellowships were discontinued and replaced by NIAS-Lorentz Theme Group (NLTG) Fellowships.

Lorentz Fellows

Cooperation in Multi-Partner Settings: Biological Markets & Social Dilemmas
Workshop: Cooperation in Multi-Partner Settings: Biological Markets & Social Dilemmas

Ronald Noë, University of Strasbourg

The Impact of Ostracism on Groups
Workshop: Ostracism, Exclusion, and Rejection

Kip Williams, Purdue University

Developing a Unified Theory of Creativity: Meaning, Mechanisms, Models
Workshop: Creativity: Meaning, Mechanisms, Models

Johan Hoorn, VU University Amsterdam

Communicating Automata and Epistemic Attitudes
Workshop: Formal Theories of Communication

Ramaswamy Ramanujam, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

Understanding Scientific Understanding
Workshop: Understanding and the Aims of Science

Henk de Regt, VU University Amsterdam

Life Course Epidemiology and Programming of Disease
Workshop: Long Term Consequences of Exposure to Famine

Bertie Lumey, Columbia University, New York City

Trans-Disciplinary Research Regarding Qumran’s Bio- and Material Cultures, Including the Dead Sea Scrolls’ Conservation
Workshop: A Holistic View on Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Jan Gunneweg, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Unconditionally Secure Protocols
Workshop: Logic and Information Security

Hans van Ditmarsch, University of Otago, Dunedin; IRIT, Toulouse

Books II and III of Kushyar’s Al-Zij Al-Jami
Workshop: Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art

Mohammad Bagheri, Encyclopaedia Islamica Foundation, Tehran

Human Language and Vocal Communication in Other Animals:
a Comparative, Interdisciplinary Approach

Carel ten Cate, Leiden University

Cognitive and Neurological Processes During Reading and Comprehension
Workshop: Brain Mechanisms and Cognitive Processes in the Comprehension of Discourse

Paul van den Broek, University of Minnesota; Leiden University