Pervious NIAS-Lorentz workshops

(DLF)      Workshop held as part of a Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship
(LF)        Workshop held as part of a Lorentz Fellowship
(NLTG)   Workshop held as part of a NIAS-Lorentz Theme Group

Science Based Rules on Plastic: Regulating Plastic Pollution
Positive Affect: Nature, Neurochemistry and Function
Intersectional Analysis of the Sexed/Gendered Brain
Developing models of the world
Processing Ancient Text Corpora
Advancing Cross-Professional Work in Education
Artificial Social Intelligence
Accountable algorithms: Industry meets Science
The Paradox of Genres in Discourse
Othering and Polarisation: The Future of Mendelian Randomization Studies
Current debates in forensic statistics
Stochasticity and Heterogeneity in Life Cycles: Individuals to Populations
The Politics of Climate Engineering: Actors, Arenas, Timescales
Modelling of Social Complexity in Argumentation
Space Science for Societal Challenges
Cybersecurity Justice: the Ethics of Exclusion

Exploring the Role of Values in RRI for Energy Systems
Intersecting Worlds: The Interplay of Cultures and Technologies
The Future of AI: Ethical, Legal and Societal Issues
Capturing Frugal Innovation: Towards a Handbook on the Crossroads of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Global Sustainable Development
Looking Backwards to the Future: Studying the Future with Counterfactuals
Music, Computing and Health
Cyber Insurance and its Contribution to Cyber Risk Mitigation
Probing the Foundations of Cultural Evolution
Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence Using Social Simulation
Capturing Developmental Brain Dynamics
Bystander Roles in Peace and Conflict
Digital Humanities – The African Perspective
Mechanisms for Extreme Event Generation (MEEG)
Agent-Based Models for Exploring Public Policy Planning
Synchrony and Rhythmic Interaction: From Neurons to Ecology
Better Safe than Stressed: Multilevel Inhibition of the Default Stress Response
The Language of Cooperation: Reputation and Honest Signaling
Unifying Vocal Learning
Historical Supernovae, Novae and Other Transient Events
Risk Regulation and Society
How Countries Learn to Tax; Complexity, Legal Transplants and Legal Culture in Global Tax Governance
Types of Knowledge: Towards a New History of Concepts and Practices
Life and Legacy Studying the Work of Stanley Kubrick
Single Subject Causal Mediation Analysis
The Future of Academic Lexicography: Linguistic Knowledge Codification in the Era of Big Data and AI

The Role of Science Education in a Changing World
Citizen Science Lab: Air Pollution
Empirical Research on International Organizations
Responsible Robotics: Shaping our Future with Robotics
Online Information Quality
Citizen Science Lab: Sampling Language and Culture
Designing Smart Objects as Embodied Agents in Everyday Life
Human-Aware Computational Argumentation
Data Sharing for Law Enforcement
Interdisciplinary Workshop on Movement Grammars: Brains, Robots and Dance
Data-based Decision-making in Education: The Data Are There… Why Aren’t They Used?
Models of Bounded Reasoning in Individuals and Groups
Tracing the Past: Combining Citizen Science and Data Science to Detect and Record Archaeological Microtopography
Crowdsourcing in Medical Image Analysis
Distinguishing Science and Metaphysics in Evolution and Religion
Diaspora, Migration and the Sciences: a New Integrated Perspective (NLTG)
Ways of Home Making In End of Life Care
Art Histories and Big Data
Learning Body Models: Humans, Brains and Robots
Healthy People: How the Medical Humanities and the Health Sciences Study the Complexity of Health
Physics and Psychology of Human Crowd Dynamics
New Methods in Computational Sociolinguistics

The Invention of Lying: Language, Logic & Cognition
Spaces and Places of Religious Knowledge Transfer in Early modern Cities
Computational Ethnomusicology: Methodologies for a New Field
The Comparative Biology of Language Learning (NLTG)
Privacy by Design Beyond the Screen: (How) Is it Possible? (DLF)
Cross-Scale Resilience in Socio-Ecological Simulations
Perspectives on Developmental Robotics
Comparative Affective Science: The Intersection of Biology and Psychology
Fellow Brethren, Slaves and Companions: Human/Non-Human Animals Relations in Transformation
Applied Mathematics Techniques for Energy Markets in Transition
On Growth and Form 2017
Collecting, Annotating & Analyzing Video Data
Rethinking Impact Factors: New Pathways in Journal Metrics
Uncertainty Guidances in Science and Public Policy
World Histories of Architecture: the Emergence of a New Genre in the Nineteenth Century
Intersectionality and Algorithmic Discrimination: Intersecting Disciplinary Perspectives

Perspectives on Diversity: The Cultural Life of Absence 
Bridging Technological and Social Innovation for a Biobased Economy (DLF)
Tightening the Articulation Between Language and Number
The Morality of Inequality
Interdisciplinary Insights Into Group and Team Dynamics
Emerging Institutions: Design or Evolution?
Logics, Decisions, and Interactions
Value Sensitive Design: Charting the Next Decade

Music Similarity: Concepts, Cognition and Computation
Authorship in Transition
Social Support TAT: Theory, Applications and Technology (NLTG)
Socio-Economic Complexity (DLF)
Reappraising the Role of Linear Structure in Language
Capturing Phylogenetic Algorithms for Linguistics (NLTG)

Jointly Designing a Data FAIRPORT
Modelling Social Reality: Emergence of the Glass Ceiling
Simulating the Social Processes of Science
What Makes us Musical Animals? Cognition, Biology and the Origins of Musicality (DLF)
Game Theory and the Humanities
Perspecitves on Human Probabilistic Inference
The Bio-Social Basis for Nonkilling and Nonviolent Behavior
Interactive Intelligence
Innovating Science Communication at Medical Museums
Computing in Secondary Education
TIPUM: Toward an Interdisciplinary Perspective on Urban Metabolism
Logics for Social Behaviour

Formal Methods for the Informal World
Obstacles and Catalysts of Peaceful Behavior
Models of Consciousness and Clinical Implications (DLF)
Complexity Models for Systemic Instabilities and Crises
Econophysics and Networks Across Scales
The Antikythera Mechanism
Normative Multi-Agent Systems: NorMAS 2013
Gossip and the Management of Reputation
Modelling Meets Infant Studies in Language Acquisition (NLTG)
The Future of Art-Science Collaborations
Synthetic Biology and Symbolic Order
Cold War Science

Language Development in Childhood and Adolescence
Cooperation in Multi-Partner Settings: Biological Markets & Social Dilemmas (LF)
Biblical Scholarship and Humanities Computing
Modeling Strategic Reasoning
Astronomy to Inspire and Educate Young Children; EU- Universe Awareness Workshop
Ostracism, Exclusion, and Rejection  (LF)
Core Knowledge, Language and Culture (DLF)
Web Science Summer School
Model Integration for Sustainable Bioenergy Supply
Innovation at the Verge: Computational Models of Physical/Virtual Space Interaction

New Biology: Opportunities, Challenges and Myths
Science meets Justice: Forensic Statistics at the Interface (DLF)
Standards in Emotion Modelling
Creativity: Meaning, Mechanisms, Models (LF)
Error in the Sciences: Diagnosis, Prognosis and Rectifying Measures
Land for Bioenergy: Ecological, Economical and Societal Aspects

Electrochemistry in Historical and Archaeological Conservation
Philosophy of the Information and Computing Sciences (DLF)
Formal theories of communication (LF)
Part and Whole in Physics
Integrating Cultures: Models, Simulations and Applications
Understanding and the Aims of Science (LF)
History of Software, European styles
Aggression and Peacemaking in an Evolutionary Context
Mathematical Life in the Dutch Republic

Rich Cognitive Models for Policy Design and Simulation
Context, Causes and Consequences of Conflict

UNAWE: Development of Educational Materials
Symmetry as a Modern Scientific Concept – Historical and Philosophical Perspectives
Qumran – a Holistic View (LF)
Artificial Cold and International Cooperation in Science
Logic and information security (LF)
Long Term consequences of exposure to famine (LF)

Literature and Evolutionary Theory
Complexity in Economics and Finance
Brain Mechanisms and Cognitive Processes in the Comprehension of Discourse (LF)

Perspectives on Scientific Practice from Science and the Science Studies
Games, action and social software
Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art  (LF)