Previous SSH Workshops

(DLF)      Workshop held as part of a Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship
(LF)        Workshop held as part of a Lorentz Fellowship
(NLTG)   Workshop held as part of a NIAS-Lorentz Theme Group

Key Debates in Code-Switching Research: Methodological and Theoretical Considerations
Understanding Responsiveness in European Union Politics: Opening the ‘Black Box’ between Contestation and European
School Absenteeism: Universal Problem Seeks Gold Standard Solutions
Risk Science and Decision Science for children and teenagers: Helping Tomorrow’s Citizens Making Decisions About Risk

Trusting (and) the Law
Creating a Neurobiological Model of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury
Language, Knowledge and People in Perspective
A Disorder of Emotion Regulation: Alexithymia
Multilateral Governance of Technological Risk
The Mental Lexicon
Re-enactment, Replication, Reconstruction
Included in Training and Work: Transforming Policies and Practices for Disabled People
Development and Dissemination of iCBT for Youth

Unified Correspondence
Emotions as Feedback Signals
Adversarial Risk Analysis for Critical Infrastructure
Decarbonized Futures: Narrating Low Carbon Societies
Children Seen and Heard Across the Globe
Migrant (R)e-Collections 
Analysing Science Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Digging into the Data
Egypt Incorporated: Economic, Political and Cultural Developments from Late Antiquity to Islam

An Emerging Technological and Societal Transition: Preparing for the Post-Industrial World
Endophenotypes of Social Anxiety Disorder: Can We Detect Them and Are They Useful in Clinical Practice?