DLF Board Members

Members of the Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship Board 2017

Prof. Milène Bonte
Maastricht University
Area of Expertise: Language, Cognitive Neuroscience (reading/speech/auditory/visual language processing)

Prof. Mieke Boon
University of Twente
Area of Expertise: Philosophy of science and technology, complex systems in which interrelated physical, chemical and biological processes occur, such as biochemical and biomedical technologies

Prof. Dirk van Delft
Leiden University, Museum Boerhaave
Area of Expertise: History of Science; History of Cryogenics

Prof. Gijsje Koenderink
Area of Expertise: cellular biophysics, biopolymers, cytoskeleton, self-organization, rheology/polymer mechanics, mechanotransduction, soft condensed matter physics.

Prof. Huib-Jan van Langevelde
Leiden University
Area of Expertise: galactic radio astronomy

Prof. Cees Leeuwis
Wageningen University
Area of Expertise: Agricultural systems, Communication science, Environmental communication, Communication theory, Technology, Technology assessment, Extension, Innovation adoption, Intercultural communication, Interdisciplinary research, Research policy

Prof. Jan van Neerven
Delft University of Technology
Area of Expertise: Functional analysis, stochastic analysis

Prof. Barbara Oomen
Utrecht University
Area of Expertise: Interrelationship between Law, Culture and Society

Prof. Claes de Vreese
University of Amsterdam
Area of Expertise: Political Communication